Natural Fine Silk Sea Sponge
 Natural Fine Silk Sea SpongeNatural Fine Silk Sea Sponge 

Natural Fine Silk Sea Sponge

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Brand:  Kalymnos
Size:  approx. 6.5 - 7.5 cm
Material:  Natural Sea Sponge
Colour:  Unbleached
Important:  These sponges vary in size and shape

Natural Silk Sponges: From The Mediterranean

Sponges have been around for 640 million years, which makes them even older than Ken. With age comes wisdom, and these natural beauties know just how to care for delicate or sensitive skin. In particular, silk sponges are ideal for cleansing, applying cosmetics and buffing very small cars. Extremely absorbent, they have a sumptuous texture that gently exfoliates for silky-smooth skin.

Hand-harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, these organic sponges are super-long-lasting. They’re biodegradable so therefore eco-friendly. They’re also hypoallergenic; no irritation means you’ll look less like a lobster and more like a mermaid when you step out the bath.

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