Natural French Soap Company Principles

Why The Natural French Soap Company?


Natural French Soaps with a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans in the fragrant valleys of Provence, our French soaps are about more than just fancy packaging. They're truly authentic, made using traditional techniques and triple-milled for purity and a velvety, long-lasting lather. From soap bars for daily hygiene to sumptuous soap-on-a-rope for an indulgent showering experience, we craft them all with Marseille magie. 


Enriched with All Kinds of Kindness

We use only natural ingredients and sustainable oils, enhancing them with fragrances that whisk you away to summer in the South of France. All our soaps are cruelty-free and many are vegan, labelled as such on our site; so you can trust the ethics behind every purchase. Since our precious planet is important to us, we've made all our packaging plastic-free and all bottles recyclable. And because we believe everyone should enjoy a little luxury, our premium-quality products don't come at premium prices. 


From Provence with Love... and Luxury

Our soaps are beautifully creamy and lather up like a dream - without the use of harsh foaming agents or harmful parabens. They're gentle on dry, damaged, sensitive skin and are suitable for women, men and children. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its soothing and hydrating properties; the result is skin that looks healthy and feels softer than the petals of Provence's famous lavender. 

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