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Hemu Soap Dish - Box
 Hemu Soap Dish - BoxHemu Soap Dish - Box 

Hemu Soap Dish - Box

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Material:  Sustainable Hemu Wood

Hemu Soap Dish - Box

When you've treated yourself to some fancy French soap, you're gonna need someplace to store it. So say hello to hemu: a natural wood sustainably harvested from the guger trees of China, and the perfect material for a stylish, practical soap dish.

This handy dish is designed to keep your soap dry and ensure its longevity. It has slats that allow air to flow and excess water to drain away - plus, it looks pretty darn stylish on your sink. It's an eco-friendly choice too, so you can get on your soap box about the importance of protecting the planet.

Made from sustainable Hemu Wood

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