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French Natural Candles

French Natural Candles in tinsAh, candles: the easiest way to rid your home of bad juju and even worse odours. Of course, natural candles are best, which is why we’ve chosen these eco-friendly, non-polluting lovelies.

Made in France, they’re brimming with fragrance from Mougins and Grasse, the perfume capital. They contain no additives, toxic substances or anything else nasty. They give great scent throw and are giftable too. Sniff out your favourites to turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

  • Natural, handmade 175-180g scented candles in cute tins
  • 100% vegetable (soy) wax with a cotton wick for a clean burn
  • Burn for a whopping 40 hours with no toxic black smoke (sorry ladies, no firemen)
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Page 1 of 1:    16 Items